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    A place where the soul breathes

    Welcome, dear friends

    After a life lived in the north, about 15 years ago I fell back in love with my land. The magical red earth of the Monopoli hills, intertwined with the green of the centuries-old olive trees, the dark grey of the dry-stone walls and the blinding white of the stones of the Masserie and Trulli, scattered everywhere in the countryside.
    The blue of the sky, always clear and limpid, mirrored in a sea of changing colours: from aqua green, to emerald, to deep blue. I wanted to return to see the places of my childhood heart with adult eyes.

    During a walk, I stopped in front of an abandoned farmhouse: I had a thunderbolt. I had to restore it, give it back its ancient splendour. Not only for me, but to un-veil the ancient beauty of the simple building of my Apulian ancestors. That place was calling me.

    I wanted to revive the breath of the 'Genius Loci' it contained, with all its enveloping energy, and to be able to share the magic of that place with all sensitive people.

    Thus was born the Masseria-Trulli Genius Loci Dimore.

    The rural setting, far from the urban hustle and bustle, offers a peaceful experience

    Nature on the farm

    The masseria is immersed in nature: the plants and flowers in the garden fill the eyes with colour, each season offering different fruits and shades. The park, of about 8,000 square metres, is available for those who wish to take a walk among the olive trees or relax in the coolness of the holm oak grove. The surrounding countryside with its expanse of centuries-old olive groves provides precious peace and privacy. At the same time, the sea is only 8 km away, and in just a few minutes you can reach beautiful beaches and sandy coves set in the rocks.

    Before and after

    The restoration and preservation of the old farmhouse has been personally and lovingly attended to in every detail. Each dwelling, with its own well-defined identity, is united with the others in a harmonious whole. The rooms combine the solidity of tradition with contemporary comfort and technology.

    The beauty around

    This is a multifaceted land. Villages to visit, caves, white towns, Unesco heritage sites, local traditions, crystal-clear sea to dive into and beaches to be kissed by the sun. The hills and the countryside are the living history of the Monopoli area, the ancient village the heart of the maritime civilisation that still today dialogues with the sea. A curiosity: Monopoli has more than a hundred contrade (neighbourhoods), scattered over its vast territory extending as far as Alberobello on the mountain and as far as Polignano a Mare on the coast.